The next world-changing invention will come when individual creativity is combined with our collective knowledge

  • What if you had access to all knowledge contained in the millions of documents?
  • What if you could reason over this knowledge, not just retrieve the documents?
  • What if you could find what is missing, not just confirm what is present?

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    Evidence based treatment options for doctors based on the latest research


    Whether a junior doctor is looking for a cure to a rare disease or a senior specialist is searching for treatment beyond his area of expertise, Topycs provides comprehensive, contextual, just-in-time system that allows them to analyze the latest research and share the collective experiences of their colleagues.

    Accelerate pace and reduce cost of innovation in drug development


    With 25 Million papers in PubMed alone, 200,000 clinical trials and over 50 million healthcare tweets each year, it is impossible for scientists to know where to focus next. We can help researchers gather information on unmet needs, link all the research across the world to connect dots and discover patterns. We see ourselves as the "co-inventor" in every phase of the drug discovery process that introduces greater efficiencies in the process and eliminates wasted effort.

    Increase relevance and reduce costs of Real-world evidence


    Randomized controlled trials (RCTs) are no longer considered the gold standard for proving drug safety and efficacy. Real World Evidence helps patients, providers and payors assess the value of treatment based on outcomes and cost of care in the real world. While the size, complexity of the data can seem daunting, we can quickly transform unstructured data in claims data, electronic medical records and social media into insights.

    Introducing KNEO - Combining Cognition And Reasoning With The Power Of Cloud Computing

    Kneo an intelligent knowledge exploration and discovery platform that can read and understand large text corpora using semantic natural language understanding algorithms. Our Cognition Algorithms use advanced Natural Language Understanding to extract deep knowledge from the entire medical, public, private, and social corpora of the world. Similarly, our Reasoning Algorithms are able to find long term connections, inconsistencies, and gaps in the knowledge graph.